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3 pl. steu`ntai :— c. fut. inf. to make as if one would, to promise or threaten that one will, Il.; also with aor. inf ., steu`tai ajkou`sai Od.; so, steu`tai ajmfibalei`n Aesch .: —absol ., steu`to he made eager efforts, Od. (Deriv. uncertain.)


stefavnh »a±1/4, hJ , ( stevfw ) anything that encircles the head, for defence or ornament:

I. the brim of the helmet, projecting behind as well as before, Il.
2. part of a womans head-dress, a diadem, coronal, Ib., Hes. , etc. :— metaph. , of a city, ajpo; stefavnan kevkarsai puvrgwn thou hast been shorn of thy coronal of towers, Eur.

II. the brim or edge of anything, the brow of a hill, edge of a cliff, Il.; of a basket, Mosch.


stefa±nhplovkia , tav , a place where wreaths are plaited or sold, Anth. From stefanhplovko"


stefa±nh-plovko" , on , ( plevkw ) plaiting wreaths, Plut.


stefa±nhforevw , Dor. stefana<Eth>f- , f. hvsw , to wear a wreath, Eur ., Dem. ; and stefanhforiva


stefa±nhforiva , Dor. stefana<Eth>f- , hJ , the wearing a wreath, esp. of victory, Pind. , Eur.

II. the right of wearing a crown, Dem. From stefanhfovro"


stefa±nh-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) wearing a crown or wreath, crowned, Eur .; st. ajgwvn = stefanivth" ajgwvn , Hdt.

II. the title of certain magistrates who had the right of wearing crowns, as the Archons, Aeschin.


stefa±nivzw , Dor. aor. I ejstefavnixa , to crown, Ar.


stefa±nivth" »i<Eth>1/4, ou, oJ , of a crown: st. ajgwvn a contest in which the prize was a crown, Xen ., Dem. From stevfano"

stevfano", Stevfano"

stevfa±no" , oJ , ( stevfw ) properly, that which surrounds, st. polevmoio the circling crowd of fight, Il.; of the wall round a town, Pind. ; kallivpai" st . a circle of fair children, Eur.

II. a crown, wreath, garland, chaplet, Hes ., etc. : esp. at the public games, a crown of victory, Pind. , Hdt. , etc. :—these prize-crowns were mostly of leaves, of kovtino" at the Olympic games, davfnh at the Pythian, sevlinon at the Nemean, kissov" or pivtu" at the Isthmian.

2. generally, the meed of victory, the prize, victory, like Lat. palma , Soph .; stevfanon protiqevnai

to propose a prize, Thuc.

3. generally, a crown of glory, an honour, glory, Inscr. ap. Hdt. :— a crown as a badge of office or distinction, Dem. Hence stefanovw


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