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stefa±novw , f. wvsw : ( stevfano" ):

I. used by Hom. only in sing. pf. and plqpf. of Pass. , ejstefavnwtai, -wto :— to be put round, Lat. circumdari , h]n peri; me;n fovbo" ejstefavnwtai round about which (the shield) is Terror wreathed,
Il.; ajmfi; dev min nevfo" ejstefavnwto all round about him was a cloud, Ib.; peri; nh`son povnto" ejstefavnwtai the sea lies round about the island, Od.

2. to be surrounded, Lat. cingi , ejstefanwmevno" tihvrhn mursivnh/ having his tiara wreathed with myrtle, Hdt.

II. Act. to crown, wreathe, caivthn Pind .; st. tinav Eur ., etc. : c. dupl. acc. , eujaggevlia stefanou`n tinav to crown one for good tidings, Ar. :— Pass. to be crowned or rewarded with a crown, Hdt ., Pind. :— Med. to crown oneself, stefanou`sqe kissw`/ Eur ., Ar.

2. in Med. to win a crown, of the victor at the games, Pind.
3. to crown as an honour or reward, Eur. , Lys. :— to crown or honour with libations, Eur.
4. Pass. to wear a crown as a badge of office, Xen. , Dem.


stefa±n-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) like a wreath, wreathed, Eur.


stefavnwma »a±1/4, ato", tov , that which surrounds, a crown or wreath, Theogn ., Pind. ; st. puvrgwn [the citys] coronal of towers, Soph.

2. a crown as the prize of victory, Pind.
3. an honour, glory, Id.


stefavnw" , Dor. acc. pl. of stevfano" .


stevfo" , eo", tov , ( stevfw ) a crown, wreath, garland, Eur .; pl. stevfh , = stevmmata , Aesch. , Soph.

2. of libations, Aesch.

stevfw, STE vFW

STE vFW , f. stevyw : aor. I e[steya :— Pass. , aor. I ejstevfqhn : pf. e[stemmai :— to put round, Lat. circumdare , ajmfi; kefalh`/ nevfo" e[stefe di`a qeavwn Il.; qeo;" morfh;n e[pesi stevfei Od.:— Med. to put round ones head, Anth.

II. to surround, crown, wreath, tina; a[nqesi Hes .; mursivnh" klavdoi" Eur .: —Med ., stevfou kavra crown thy head, Id.:— Pass. to be crowned, Aesch.

2. to crown with libations, Soph.


stevwmen , Ion. 1 pl. aor. 2 subj. of i{sthmi .


sth` , Ep. 3 sing. aor. 2 of i{sthmi .


sthvdhn , Adv. = stavdhn II , by weight.


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