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sthv/h/", sthv/h/ , Ep. 2 and 3 sing. aor. 2 subj. of i{sthmi .


sthvqesfi , Ep. gen. pl. of sth`qo" .


sth`qi , aor. 2 imper. of i{sthmi .

sth`qo", ST `HQOS, sth`qo"

ST `HQOS , eo", tov , the breast, Lat. pectus , Hom ., Xen.

II. metaph. the breast as the seat of feeling, the heart, Hom. (always in pl. ), Aesch.


sthvkw , late pres. formed from e{sthka ( pf. of i{sthmi ), to stand, N.T.


sthvlh , Dor. stavla , hJ , ( stevllw ?) a block of stone used as a prop or buttress to a wall, Il.: a block of rock-crystal, in which the Egyptian mummies were cased, Hdt.

II. a block or slab, bearing an inscription; and so,
1. a gravestone, Hom ., Att.
2. a block or slab, inscribed with record of victories, dedications, treaties, decrees, etc. , Hdt. , Att. ; gravfein tina; eij" sthvlhn, ajnagravfein ejn sthvlh/ , whether for honour, or for infamy, Hdt. , Dem. :—also the record itself, a contract, agreement, kata; th;n sthvlhn according to agreement, Ar .; sth`lai aiJ pro;" Qhbaivou" Dem.

3. a boundary post, Xen. :— the turning-post at the end of the racecourse, Lat. meta , Soph ., Xen.
4. for Sth`lai JHraklhviai , v. JHravkleio" .


sthlivdion , tov , Dim. of sthvlh , Theophr.


sthliv" , ivdo", hJ , Dim. of sthvlh , Strab.


sthlivth" »i<Eth>1/4 , Dop. sta<Eth>l- , ou, oJ , fem. -i`ti" , ido" , of or like a sthvlh , Luc. , Anth.

II. inscribed on a sthvlh , posted or placarded as infamous, sthlivthn tina; ajnagravfein, poiei`n Isocr ., Dem.


sthlovw , f. wvsw , to set up as a monument, Anth.


sth`men, sthvmenai , Ep. aor. 2 inf. of i{sthmi .


sthmovnion , tov , Dim. of sthvmwn ( signf. 1), Arist.


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