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qevsfatovn ejsti it is ordained, Il.; soi; dÆ ouj q. ejsti qanevein ‘tis not appointed thee to die, Od.

2. as Subst. , qevsfata, tav , divine decrees, oracles, Ib., Trag. , etc.
II. generally, like qei`o" , divine, Od.


qetevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. to be laid down, Arist.

II. qetevon , one must lay down, Xen.


Qetivdeion »iØ1/4, tov , the temple of Thetis, Eur.


qetikov" , hv, ovn , ( tivqhmi ) of or for adoption, Arist.


Qevti" , ido" , Dor. io", hJ , Thetis, one of the Nereïds, wife of Peleus, mother of Achilles: Hom. uses Qevti<Eth> for dat. and vocat. ; Qevtin for acc.


qetov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of tivqhmi , taken as ones child, adopted, Pind ., Hdt. , etc.


Qetta±lov", Qettalikov" , etc. , later Att. for Qes"- .


qeu` , Dor. and Ion. for qevo, qou` , aor. 2 med. imp. of tivqhmi .


qeumoriva, qeuvmoro" , Dor. for qeomoriva, qeovmoro" .


qeuforiva , hJ , Dor. for qeoforiva , Anth.

qevw, QE vW

QE vW , Ep. also qeivw ; Ep. 3 sing. subj. qevh/si : 3 sing. impf. e[qei , Ion. impf. qeveskon : f. qeuvsomai :—the other tenses are supplied by trevcw and * drevmw :—the syllables eo, eou remain uncontracted even in Att. :— to run, Hom ., etc. ; qevein pedivoio to run over the plain, Il.: in part. with another Verb, h\lqe qevwn, h\lqe qevousa came running, Ib.; qevwn Ai[anta kavlesson run and call him, Ib.

2. peri; trivpodo" qeuvsesqai to run for a tripod, Ib.; peri; yuch`" qevon {Ektoro" they were running for Hectors life, Ib.

II. of other kinds of motion, as,
1. of birds, qeuvsontai drovmw/ Ar.
2. of ships, e[qee kata; ku`ma Il.; of a potters wheel, Ib.; of a quoit, rJivmfa qevwn ajpo; ceirov" flying lightly, Od.

III. of things which (as we say) run in a continuous line, though not actually in motion, fle;y ajna; nw`ta

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