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qevousa Il.; esp. of anything circular, which runs round into itself, a[ntux, h} pumavth qeven ajspivdo" Ib.

IV. c. acc. loci, to run over, ta; o[rh Xen.


qew` , for qeavou , imperat. of qeavomai , behold!


qewrevw , f. hvsw , ( qewrov" ) to look at, view, behold, Hdt ., Aesch. , etc. : to inspect or review soldiers, Xen.

2. of the mind, to contemplate, consider, observe, Plat ., etc.
II. to view the public games, of spectators, q. ta]Oluvmpia Hdt ., etc. ; q. tinav to see him act, Dem .:— absol. to go as a spectator, ej" ta]Efevsia Thuc.

III. to be a qewrov" or state-ambassador to the oracle or at the games, Ar ., Thuc.
IV. in qewrhvsasa toujmo;n o[mma Soph ., the acc. o[mma may be taken as in baivnein povda , having beheld with mine eye. Hence qewvrhma


qewvrhma , ato", tov , that which is looked at, viewed, a sight, spectacle, Dem ., etc.

2. a principle thereby arrived at, a rule, Lat. praeceptum : in Mathematics, a theorem, Eucl.


qewrhthvrion , tov , ( qewrevw ) a seat in a theatre, Plut.


qewrhtikov" , hv, ovn , fond of contemplating a thing, c. gen ., Arist. : absol. speculative, Id., Plut. , etc.


qewriva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( qewrevw ) a looking at, viewing, beholding, qewrivh" ei{neken ejkdhmei`n to go abroad to see the world, Hdt .; so Thuc. , etc. : of the mind, contemplation, speculation, Plat ., etc.

2. pass. = qewvrhma , a sight, show, spectacle, Aesch ., Eur. , etc. ; esp. at a theatre, Ar. , Xen.
II. the being a spectator at the theatre or the public games, Soph ., Plat.
III. the qewroiv or state-ambassadors sent to the office of qewrov" , a mission, Id., Xen.
2. the office of qewrov" , discharge of that office, Thuc ., etc.


qewrikov" , hv, ovn , of or for qewriva (signfs. 11 and III ), peplwvmatÆ ouj qewrikav no festal robes, Eur.

II. qewrikav ( sc. crhvmata ) , tav , the money, which, from the time of Pericles, was given to the poor citizens to pay for seats in the theatre (at 2 obols the seat), but also for other purposes, Dem. : in sing. , to; qewrikovn the theatric fund, Id.


qewriv" , ivdo", hJ ,

1. (with and without nau`" ), a sacred ship, which carried the qewroiv ( cf. qewrov" II ) to their destination, but was also used for other state-purposes, Hdt. , Plat. : metaph. of Charons bark, Aesch.

2. ( sub. oJdov" ) the road by which the qewroiv went.

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