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uJo-fovrbion , tov , = suo-fovrbion , a herd of swine, Strab.


uJp-avggelo" , on , summoned by messenger, Aesch.


uJp-agka±livzw , f. ivsw and iw` , to clasp in the arms, embrace, Eur .: —Pass ., gevno" uJphgkalismevnh having them clasped in her arms, Id. Hence uJpagkavlisma


uJpagkavlisma »a±1/4, ato", tov , that which is clasped in the arms, a beloved one, Soph ., Eur.


uJpa±goreuvw , the aor. in Att. is uJpei`pon , the pf. uJpeivrhka :— to dictate, Lat. praeire verbis , Xen ., Dem.

II. to suggest, Plut.


uJp-avgw , f. uJpavxw : aor. 2 uJphvgagon :

A. trans. to lead or bring under, u{page zugo;n i{ppou" bring them under the yoke, Il.; simply, uJpavgein hJmiovnou" Od.

2. metaph. to bring under ones power, Hdt ., Luc. :— Med. to bring under ones own power, reduce, Thuc.

II. to bring a person before the judgment-seat (the uJpov refers to his being set beneath the judges seat), Hdt. ; uJp. tina; eij" divkhn Thuc .; uJp. tina; qanavtou on a capital charge, Xen.

III. to lead slowly on, to lead on by degrees, ta;" kuvna" Id.:— to lead on by art or deceit, Hdt. , Xen. ; uJp. tina; eij" ejlpivda Eur .:—so in Med. , Xen. ; uJp. tou;" Qhbaivou" to win them, Dem. :—in Med. also to suggest a thing so as to lead a person on, Eur ., Xen.

IV. to take away from under, withdraw, Il.: Pass. , uJpagomevnou tou` cwvmato" Thuc.
2. to draw off, to; stravteuma Id.
B. intr ., of an army, to draw off or retire slowly, Hdt ., Thuc.
II. to go slowly forwards, draw on, u{pagÆ w\, u{pagÆ w\ on with you! Eur .; u{page, tiv mevllei" ; Ar. :—of an army, to come gradually on, Xen.


uJpa±gwghv , hJ , a leading on gradually, Xen.

II. (from uJpavgw intr .) a retreat, withdrawal, Thuc.


uJp-aeivdw , contr. -av/dw : aor. I u{p-a/sa :— to sing by way of accompaniment, in tmesi, Livnon dÆ uJpo; kalo;n a[eiden Il.; uJp. mevlo" Ar .; uJp. tiniv to accompany with the voice, Id.


uJpaiv , Ep. for uJpov .


uJpai-deivdoika , Ep. for uJpodevdoika , pf. of uJpodeivdw .

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