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uJp-aidevomai , to shew some respect for, tina Xen.


u{paiqa± , Adv. ( uJpaiv ) out under, slipping away, Il.

II. Prep. with gen. under, at the side of, Ib.


uJp-aivqrio" , on , and a, on , ( aijqhvr ) under the sky, in the open air, a-field, uJp. katakoimhqh`nai , of an army, Hdt. , Thuc. ; uJp. drovsoi Aesch.


u{p-aiqro" , on , = foreg.: u{paiqron, tov , as Subst. , ejn uJpaivqrw/ , sub Dio, in the open air, Xen.

2. ta; u{paiqra , the field, the open country, Polyb.


uJp-aivqw , to set on fire below or secretly, Soph.


uJp-ainivssomai , Att. -ttomai , Dep. to intimate darkly, hint at, Dem. , Plut.


uJp-airevw , Ion. for uJf-airevw .


uJp-a<Eth>i?ssw , Att. -av/ssw , f. xw , to dart beneath, c. acc ., Il.

II. to dart from under, c. gen ., Ib.:—also, uJpav/xa" dia; qurw`n Soph.


uJp-aiscuvnomai »u<Eth>1/4 , Pass. to be somewhat ashamed, tinav ti of a thing before a person, Plat.


uJp-aivtio" , on , under accusation, called to account, responsible, tino" or uJpevr tino" for a thing, Antipho; tini to a person, Xen. ; uJpaivtiovn ejstiv tiv tini a charge is made against one, Id.


uJpa±kohv , hJ , ( uJpakouvw ) obedience, N.T.


uJp-a±kouvw , f. -akouvsomai :

I. absol. to listen, hearken, give ear, Hom ., Eur.
2. to make answer when called, Od., Theocr.
3. foll. by a case, to listen or hearken to, give ear to, attend to, tinov" Ar ., etc. ; also, uJp. tiniv Thuc. , etc.

II. Special senses:
1. of porters, to answer a knock at the door, uJp. tiniv Plat ., Theophr. ; oJ uJpakouvsa" the porter, Xen.

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