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2. of a judge, to listen to a complainant, tiniv Id.:—but of accused persons, to answer to a charge, Dem.

3. of dependents and subjects, to submit to, tinov" Hdt ., Xen. ; tiniv Ar ., Thuc. : also to yield to, comply with, tiniv Plat .: —c. gen. rei, to give ear to, Xen .; uJp. tw`/ xumfovrw/ tinov" to comply with his interest, Thuc. :— absol. to give way, submit, comply, Hdt. 4. to answer ones expectations, to succeed, Luc.
5. metaph ., aujgai`" hJlivou uJp . to be subject to the suns rays, Pind.


uJp-a±leivfw , f. yw , to lay thinly on, to spread like salve; in Med. , uJpaleivfesqai favrmakon Plat.

II. to anoint, tw; ojfqalmwv Ar .:—in Med. to anoint oneself, Id.; uJp. tou;" ojfqalmouv" to anoint ones eyes, Xen. :— Pass. of the eyes, uJpalhlimmevnoi Id.


uJp-a±leuvomai , ( ajleuvw ) Ep. Dep ., = uJpaluvskw, uJpaleuavmeno" qavnaton ( aor. I part .) Od.; uJpaleuveo fhvmhn ( imper. ) Hes.


uJp-alla±ghv , hJ , an interchange, exchange, change, Eur.


uJpavllagma , ato", tov , that which is exchanged, novmisma uJpavllagma th`" creiva" money is the exchangeable representative of demand, Arist. From uJpallavssw


uJp-allavssw , Att. - ttw , f. xw , to exchange, Luc.


uJp-avlpeio" , a, on , ( [Alpei" ) under the Alps; hJ uJpalpeiva ( sc. cwvra ) sub-Alpine Italy, Plut.


uJpavluxi" , ew", hJ , a shunning, escape, Hom. From uJpaluvskw


uJp-a±luvskw , Ep. aor. I uJp-avluxa , = uJpaleuvomai , to avoid, shun, flee from, escape, Hom.


uJp-anagignwvskw , f. -gnwvsomai , to read by way of preface, premise by reading, Aeschin.


uJp-ana<Eth>livskw , aor. I uJp-anavlwsa , to waste away, spend or consume gradually, Thuc ., Plut. , etc.


uJpanavsta±si" , hJ , a rising up from ones seat, Plat.


uJpanasta±tevon , verb. Adj. of uJpanivstamai , one must rise up, Xen.

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