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uJp-exevrcomai , Dep. with aor. 2 act. -exh`lqon , pf. -exelhvluØqa :— to go out from under: to go out secretly, withdraw, retire, Thuc ., Dem. :—rarely c. acc. pers. to withdraw from, escape from, Thuc.

2. to rise up and quit ones settlements, to emigrate, Hdt.
II. to go out to meet, Id.


uJp-exesavwsa , Ep. for -evswsa , aor. I of uJpekswvzw .


uJp-exevfuØgon , aor. 2 of uJpekfeuvgw .


uJp-exevcw , intr. to withdraw or retire secretly, Hdt.


uJp-exivstamai , Pass. , with aor. 2 and pf. act ., to depart secretly, uJp. th`" ajrch`" to give up all claim to it, like Lat. abdicare se magistratu , Hdt .; so c. inf ., uJp. a[rcein Luc.

2. c. acc. to go out of the way of, to give place to, make way for, Xen .: c. dat. to yield to, give way to, Plut.


uJp-evpleusa , aor. I of uJpoplevw .


uJp-evptato , 3 sing. aor. 2 of uJpo-pevtamai .


uJpevr »uØ1/4 , Ep. also uJpeivr , Lat. super : —hence are formed Comp. and Sup. uJpevrtero", -tato" .

I. of Place, over, above:
1. in a state of rest, stevrnon uJpe;r mazoi`o Il.; uJpe;r kefalh`" sth`naiv tini to stand over his head, Hom. : of countries, above, further inland, oijkevonte" uJpe;r JAlikarnhssou` mesovgaian Hdt.

2. in a state of motion, over, across, uJpe;r qalavssh" kai; cqono;" potwmevnoi" Aesch.
3. over, beyond, uJpe;r povntou Od.
II. metaph ., from the notion of standing over to protect, for, for defence of, in behalf of, eJkatovmbhn rJevxai uJpe;r Danaw`n Il.; quvein uJpe;r th`" povlew" Xen .; uJpe;r th`" trivdo" ajmuvnein to fight for ones country, etc.

2. for the sake of a person or thing, livssesqai uJpe;r tokevwn, uJ. patro;" kai; mhtrov" Il.
3. c. inf. for the purpose of, uJpe;r tou` mhdevna ajpoqnhvskein to prevent any one from dying, Xen.
4. for, instead of, in the name of, uJpe;r eJautou` Thuc .; strathgw`n uJpe;r uJmw`n acting as general by commission from you, Dem.

III. like periv , on, of, concerning, Lat. de , uJpe;r sevqen ai[scea ajkouvw Il.; ta; legovmena uJpevr tino" Hdt.

B. WITH ACC. , expressing that over and beyond which a thing goes,
I. of Place, over, beyond, Hom ., Plat.
II. of Measure, over, above, exceeding, beyond, uJpe;r to; bevltiston Aesch .; uJpe;r ejlpivda Soph. , etc.

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