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2. of transgression, beyond, contrary to, uJpe;r ai\san, uJpe;r moi`ran, uJpe;r o{rkia Il.
III. of Number, above, upwards of, uJpe;r tesseravkonta Hdt ., Xen. ; uJpe;r to; h{misu more than

half, Xen.

IV. of Time, beyond, i.e. before, earlier than, oJ uJpe;r ta; Mhdika; povlemo" Thuc.
C. P OSITION : uJpevr may follow its Subst. , but then by anastrophé becomes u{per , Hom. , Trag.
D. AS ADV. over much, above measure, uJpe;r me;n a[gan Eur .; written uJperavgan , Strab. , etc.
1. of Place, over, beyond, in uJper-baivnw, uJper-povntio" .
2. for, in defence of, in uJper-aspivzw, uJper-algevw .
3. above measure, in uJper-hvfano", uJper-fivalo" .


uJpevra »uØ1/4, hJ , ( uJpevr ) an upper rope: pl. uJpevrai , the braces attached to the ends of the sailyards ( ejpivkria ), by means of which the sails are shifted fore and aft, to catch the wind, Od.


uJper-a±bevltero" , on , above measure simple or silly, Dem.


uJper-avga±mai , Dep. to be exceedingly pleased, Plat.

II. to admire above measure, tino" for a thing, Luc.


uJper-a±ga±naktevw , f. hvsw , to be exceeding angry or vexed at a thing, c. gen ., Plat. ; c. dat ., Aeschin.


uJper-a±ga±pavw , to love exceedingly, make much of, Dem.


uJper-a±gwniavw , to be in great distress, Plat ., Dem.


uJper-a<Eth>hv" , ev" , gen. evo" , ( a[hmi ) blowing hard, Il.


uJper-aimovw , f. wvsw , ( ai|ma ) to have over-much blood, Xen.


uJper-aivrw , f. -a±rw` , to lift or raise up over, Plat .: —Med. or Pass. to lift oneself above, to exalt oneself, be exalted, N.T.

II. intr .,
1. c. acc. to climb or get over, pass over, Lat. transcendere , Xen .; uJp. th;n a[kran to double the cape, Id.:—as military term, to outflank, Id.

2. to transcend, excel, outdo, tinav tini one in a thing, Dem.
3. to overshoot, go beyond, exceed, kairovn Aesch.
III. to overflow, Dem.


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