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uJpevr-aiscro" , on , exceeding foul or ugly, Xen.


uJper-aiscuvnomai , Pass. to feel much ashamed, Aeschin.


uJper-aiwrevomai , Pass. to hang or be suspended over, project over, tino" Hdt.

2. in nautical language, c. gen. loci, to lie off a place, th`/si nhusi; uJperaiwrhqevnte" Falhrou` Hdt.


uJpevr-akmo" , on , ( ajkmhv ) past the bloom of youth, N.T.


uJper-a±kontivzw , f. Att. iw` , to overshoot, i.e. to outdo, c. acc ., Ar. ; uJp. tina; klevptwn to outdo one in stealing, Id.


uJper-akri<Eth>bhv" , ev" , exceedingly exact, Luc.


uJper-akrivzw , f. sw , to mount and climb over, c. acc ., Xen.

II. to project, beetle over, c. gen ., Eur.


uJper-avkrio" , on , ( a[kra ) over or upon the heights, oiJ \Uperavkrioi , = oiJ Diavkrioi , the highlanders

or inhabitants of the Attic uplands, opp. to the richer classes of the plains and coasts, Hdt.

2. ta; uJp . the heights above the plain, the uplands, Id.


uJpevr-akro" , on , over or on the top: Adv ., uJperavkrw" zh`n to carry everything to excess, Dem.


uJper-algevw , f. hvsw , to feel pain for or because of, tinov" Soph ., Eur.

2. to grieve exceedingly, tiniv at a thing, Hdt. , Arist. :— absol. , Eur.


uJper-alghv" , ev" , gen. evo" , exceeding grievous, Soph.


uJper-alkhv" , ev" , ( ajlkhv ) gen. evo" , exceeding strong, Plut.


uJper-avllomai , aor. I -hlavmhn : syncop. 3 sing. aor. 2 uJper-a`lto , part. -avlmeno" : Dep. :— to leap over or beyond, c. gen ., Il.; also c. acc ., Ib.; so Xen.


uJpevr-allo" , on , above others, exceeding great, Pind.

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