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uJper-biavzomai , Dep. to press exceeding heavily, of the plague, Thuc.


uJper-biØbavzw , f. -bibw` , Causal of uJperbaivnw , to carry over, c. dupl. acc. , Luc.


uJpevr-bio" , on , ( biva ) of overwhelming strength or might, Pind.

II. in bad sense, overweening, lawless, wanton, Hom .: —neut. uJpevrbion as Adv. , Il.


uJper-bolavdhn »a±1/4 , Adv. immoderately, excessively, Theogn. From uJperbolhv


uJperbolhv , hJ , ( uJperbavllw ) a throwing beyond others: an overshooting, superiority, Thuc.

2. excess, over-great degree of a thing, Plat. ; in various phrases, crhmavtwn uJperbolh`/ privasqai to buy at an extravagant price, Eur. ; oujk e[cei uJperbolhvn it can go no further, Dem. ; ei[ ti" uJp. touvtou if theres aught beyond (worse than) this, Id.; uJperbolh;n poiei`sqai to go to all extremities, to put an extreme case, Id.; foll. by a gen. , uJp. poiei`sqai ejkeivnwn th`" auJtou` bdeluriva" to carry his own rascality beyond theirs, Id.; ejpevferon th;n uJp. tou` kainou`sqai pushed on their extravagance in revolutionising, Thuc.

3. with a Prep. in Adverbial sense, = uJperballovntw", eij" uJperbolhvn in excess, exceedingly; c. gen. far beyond, tou` provsqen eij" uJp. panou`rgo" , i.e. far more wicked, Eur. :— kaqÆ uJperbolh;n toxeuvsa" with surpassing aim, Soph .; kaq. uJp . extravagantly, Isocr ., etc.

4. overstrained phrase, hyperboleŒ, Id., Arist.
II. a crossing over mountains, Xen.
III. (from Med. ) a deferring, delay, Hdt ., Dem.


JUper-bovreoi , oiJ , ( Boreva" ) the Hyperboreans, an imaginary people in the extreme north, distinguished for piety and happiness, Pind. , Hdt. ;— tuvch uJperbovreo" , proverb. of more than mortal fortune, Aesch.


uJper-bravzw , to boil or foam over, in aor. pass ., Anth.


uJper-bri<Eth>qhv" , ev" , ( bri`qo" ) gen. evo" , = uJperbarhv" , Soph.


uJper-bruvw , to be overfull, Luc.


uJp-ergavzomai , f. avsomai , Dep. to work under, plough up, prepare for sowing, Xen.

II. to subdue, reduce: pf. in pass. sense, to be subdued, Eur.
III. to do underhand or secretly, Plut.
IV. = uJphretevw , to do a service: pf. in pass. sense, povllÆ uJpeivrgastai filav many kind acts have been done, Eur.

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