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2. to have or hold above, uJpeivrecen eujreva" w[mou" he had his broad shoulders above the rest,
i.e. over-topped them by the head and shoulders, Il.
II. intr. to be above, rise above the horizon, Od.: to be above water or the ground, Hdt .; —c. gen. , uJperevsceqe gaivh" rose above, overlooked the earth, Il.; »staurou;"1/4 oujc uJperevconta" th`" qalavssh" Thuc ., etc.

2. in military phrase, to outflank, c. gen ., Xen.
3. metaph. to overtop, exceed, outdo, c. acc ., Aesch. , Eur. :—also c. gen ., Plat. , etc.
4. absol. to overtop the rest, be prominent, Hdt ., Xen. : to prevail, oiJ uJperscovnte" the more powerful, Aesch .; eja;n hJ qavlatta uJpevrsch/ to be too powerful, Dem.

III. c. gen. rei, to rise above, Ar.
IV. c. acc. to get over, cross, Thuc.


uJper-zevw , f. -zevsw , to boil over: metaph ., of aman, Ar.


uJper-hvdomai , Pass. to be overjoyed at, tini Hdt .; c. part ., uJperhvdeto ajkouvwn he rejoiced much at hearing, Id.


uJpevr-hdu" , u , exceeding sweet, Luc. Adv. -evw" , Xen. ; Sup. -hvdista , Luc.


uJperhmeriva , hJ , a being over the day: as law-term, the latest day for payment, Dem.

2. forfeiture of recognisances, a distress, Id. From uJperhvmero"


uJper-hvmero" , on , ( hJmevra ) over the day for payment, after which the debtor became liable to have his goods seized, Dem. ; uJperhvmeron lambavnwn tinav , i.e. having a right to distrain upon him, Id.

II. metaph ., uJp. th`" zwvh" past the term of life, Luc. ; uJp. tou` bivou beyond the term of human life, Id.


uJper-hvmiØsu" , u , above half, more than half, Hdt .; tino" of a thing, Xen.


uJp-evrhmo" , on , somewhat desolate, Plut.


uJper-hnovreo" , on , = sq. , Theocr.


uJper-hnorevwn , onto", oJ , part. with no pres. in use, exceedingly manly: —but always in bad sense, overbearing, overweening, Hom.

II. in Com. phrase, excelling men, thinking oneself more than man, Ar. From uJperhvnwr


uJper-hvnwr , Dor. -avnwr , oro", oJ, hJ , ( ajnhvr ) overbearing, overweening, Hes ., Eur.

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