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uJper-hvsei , 3 sing. fut. of uJperivhmi .


uJper-hfa±nevw , used by Hom. only in part. , much like uJperhnorevwn , overweening, arrogant, Il.

II. trans. to treat disdainfully, Luc .; and uJperhfaniva


uJperhfa±niva , hJ , arrogance, disdain, Xen ., Dem. :— c. gen. objecti, contempt towards or for another, Plat. , Dem. From uJperhvfano"


uJper-hvfa±no" , on , prob. for uJper-fanhv", h being inserted:

1. in bad sense, overweening, arrogant, haughty, Hes ., Aesch. , Dem. ; oijkivai uJperhfanwvterai Dem. ;—so in Adv. , uJperhfavnw" e[cein to bear oneself haughtily, Plat .; uJp. zh`n to live prodigally, Isocr.

2. in good sense, magnificent, splendid, Plat.


uJper-qa±lassivdio" , on , above the coast-land, Hdt.


uJper-qaumavzw , Ion. -qwmavzw , f. -avsomai , to wonder exceedingly, Hdt ., Luc.


uJper-qauvmasto" , on , most admirable, Anth.


u{perqen , and metri grat. -qe , ( uJpevr ) from above or merely above, Il.: of the body, above, in the upper parts, opp. to e[nerqe , Ib.

2. from heaven above, i.e. from the gods, Hom.
3. of Degree, yet more, Soph.
II. c. gen. above, over, Pind ., Aesch. , etc. ; u{p. givgnesqaiv tino" to get the better of one, Eur. ; also, u{perqen ei\nai h] . . , to be above or beyond, i.e. worse than. . , Id.


uJpevrqesi" , ew", hJ , ( uJpertivqhmi ) postponement, Polyb.


uJper-qevw , f. qeuvsomai , to run beyond, uJp. a[kran to double the headland, proverb. of escaping from danger, Aesch.

2. to outstrip, outdo, c. acc ., Eur.


uJper-qnhvskw , to die for another, c. gen. or absol. , Eur.


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