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uJpo-glauvssw , to glance furtively, Mosch.


uJpo-gluØkaivnw , to sweeten a little: metaph. to coax and smooth down, tinav Ar.


uJpo-gnavmptw , f. yw , to bend gradually, h. Hom.


uJpo-gramma±teuv" , evw", oJ , an under-secretary, Ar ., etc.


uJpo-gramma±teuvw , f. sw , to serve as under-secretary, tiniv Oratt.


uJpogra±feuv" , evw", oJ , one who writes under anothers orders, a secretary, amanuensis, Plut ., Luc.


uJpo-gra±fhv , hJ , a signed bill of indictment, Plat.

II. an outline, tenovntwn uJpografaiv traces of feet, Aesch. :— an outline, sketch, Lat. adumbratio , Plat ., etc.

III. a painting under of the eyelids, Xen.


uJpo-gravfw »a±1/4 , f. yw , to write under an inscription, subjoin or add to it, Thuc. ; uJpogravya" ejpibouleu`saiv me having added (to the accusation) that. . , Dem. :— Med. to bring an additional accusation against him, Eur.

2. to sign, subscribe: Med. , uJp. ta;" katabolav" to sign and so make oneself liable, Dem.
3. to write from dictation, Plut.
II. to write under, i.e. to trace letters for children to write over, Plat .: metaph. , novmou" uJp . to trace out laws as guides of action, Id.

2. to trace in outline, sketch out, Lat. adumbrare , Id., etc.
III. uJpogravfein or -gravfesqai tou;" ojfqalmouv" to paint under the eyelids, Luc.


uJpov-guio" or uJpov-guo" , on , ( gui`on ) under ones hand, nigh at hand, Isocr ., Dem.

II. just out of hand, fresh, new, Lat. recens , Isocr ., Dem. ; uJpovguiovn ejsti ejx ou| . . , it is a very short time since. . , Isocr.

III. sudden, Arist .:— ejx uJpoguvou off hand, on the spur of the moment, Xen ., Plat.
2. of persons, uJp. th`/ ojrgh`/ in the first burst of anger, Arist.


uJpo-daivw , to light, kindle under, Il.


uJpo-dakruvw , f. sw , to weep a little or secretly, Luc.


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