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uJpo-damnavw , to master or weaken beneath one, Il.:— Pass. , uJpodavmna±mai (as if from uJpodavmnhmi
) to be overcome, let oneself be overpowered or overcome, Od.; aor. I part. uJpodmhqei`sa ( v. damavzw ), of a woman, subdued by a man, yielding to him, h. Hom. , Hes. :— Med. , e[rw" frevna" uJpodavmnatai Theocr.


uJpodediwv" , oJ , Comic name of a bird in Ar. , Fear-ling.


uJpo-devdroma , pf. of uJpotrevcw .


uJpo-dehv" , ev" , gen. evo" , ( devomai ) somewhat deficient, inferior; mostly in Comp. uJpodeevstero" , Hdt. , Plat. ; ejk pollw`/ uJpodeestevrwn with resources much inferior, Thuc .: —Adv. -estevrw" , Id.


uJpov-deigma , tov , a token, mark, Xen .:— a pattern, Polyb.


uJpo-deivdw , f. sw : aor. I uJpevdeisa , Ep. -evddeisa : Ep. pf. uJpaideivdoika : pf. 2 uJpo-deivdia : 3 pl. plqpf. uJpedeivdisan :

I. trans. to cower under or before, or to fear secretly, c. acc ., Hom. :—so of birds, to cower beneath, aijgupio;n uJpodeivsante" Soph.

II. absol ., Od.; cf. uJpodediwv" .


uJpo-deivknu<Eth>mi and -uvw : f. -deivxw , Ion. -devxw :— to shew secretly, Hdt .; uJpodevxa" o[lbon having given a glimpse of happiness, Id.; uJp. ajrethvn to make a shew of virtue, Thuc.

2. absol. to indicate ones will, Xen.
II. to shew by tracing out, mark out, Hdt .: absol. to set a pattern, Xen.
2. generally, to teach indirectly or by indication, Isocr .; c. inf ., N.T. Hence uJpodeiktevo"


uJpodeiktevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. to be traced out, Polyb.


uJpo-deiliavw , to be somewhat cowardly, Aeschin.


uJpo-deimaivnw , to stand in secret awe of, tinav Hdt.


uJpo-devkomai , Ion. for uJpo-devcomai .


uJpo-devmw , to lay as a foundation, Hdt.


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