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uJpodexivh , hJ , like uJpodochv , the reception of a guest, means of entertainment, padav toi e[sqÆ uJpodexivh »i<Eth> , metri grat. ], Il.


uJpo-devxio" , a, on , ( uJpodevcomai ) capacious, Hdt.


uJpovdesi" , ew", hJ , ( uJpodevomai ) a putting on ones shoes, Arist ., Luc.

2. as concrete, = ta; uJpodhvmata , footgear, boots and shoes, Plat ., Xen.


uJpodevcnumai , poët. for sq. , Anth.


uJpo-devcomai , Ion. -devkomai : f. -devxomai : aor. I -edexavmhn and in pass. form -edevcqhn : 3 sing. Ep. aor. 2 uJpevdekto , 2 pl. imper. uJpovdecqe , inf. uJpodevcqai , part. uJpodevgmeno" : Dep. :— to receive beneath the surface, Il.

2. to receive into ones house, receive hospitably, Hom ., etc. ; oJ uJpodexavmeno" ones host, Isocr.
3. to give ear to, hearken to, eujcav" Hes .; tou;" lovgou" Hdt.
4. to take in charge as a nurse, h. Hom. , Plat.
5. metaph ., ph`ma uJpevdektov me sorrow was my host, Od.; stugero;" uJpedevxato koi`to" a hateful nest awaited them, of ensnared birds, Ib.

II. to take upon oneself, undertake a task, promise, Hom .; with inf. fut ., Hdt. , etc. ; less often with inf. aor ., Id.; uJp. megavla tiniv to make him great promises, Id.

2. to admit, allow a charge, Id.; oujk uJp . to refuse to admit, deny, Id.
III. to submit to, bear patiently, Od.
IV. like Lat. excipere ,
1. to wait for, abide the attack of, Hes ., Xen. :—of hunters, to lie in wait for game, Xen.
2. to come next to, border upon, Hdt.
V. of a woman, to conceive, Xen.


uJpo-devw , f. -dhvsw , to bind or fasten under, Hdt.

II. esp. to underbind, i.e. to shoe, because the sandals or shoes were bound on with straps, Plat. :— Med. to bind under ones feet, put on shoes, Ar ., Xen. , etc. ; also c. acc ., uJpodhsavmeno" koqovrnou" Hdt. :—so in pf. pass ., uJpodhvmata uJpodedemevno" with shoes on ones feet, Plat .; and absol. , uJpodedemevnoi with their shoes on, Xen .; so, uJpodedemevnoi to;n ajristero;n povda with shoes on the left foot, Thuc.


uJpo-dhlovw , f. wvsw , to shew privately, Plut.


uJpovdhma , ato", tov , ( uJpodevw ) a sole bound under the foot with straps, a sandal, podi;n uJpodhvmata dou`sa (i.e. devousa ) Od.; posi;n uJpodhvmata doivhn (i.e. deoivhn ) Ib., etc. ; uJpovdhma koi`lon , or uJpovdhma alone, = Lat. calceus , a shoe or half-boot, Ar ., etc.


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