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uJpov-droso" , on , somewhat moistened or dewy, Theocr.


uJpo-drwvw , Ep. for uJpo-dravw , to serve, be serviceable to, tiniv Od.


uJpoduvnw , v. uJpoduvw .


uJpo-duv" , aor. 2 part. of uJpo-duvw .


uJpoduvth" »uØ1/4, ou, oJ , a garment under a coat of mail, Plut.


uJpo-duvw and -duvnw , to put on under, kiqw`na" uJpoduvnein toi`si ei{masi Hdt.

2. to slip in under, Id.:—also to assume secretly, slip into, c. acc ., Id.:—also to slip from under, Xen.

3. metaph. to undergo danger, Hdt.
II. Med. uJpoduvomai , f. -duvsomai : aor. I -edusavmhn , Ep. 3 sing. -eduvseto : so also aor. 2 act. -evdun , pf. -devdu<Eth>ka :— to go under, get under, sink beneath, Lat. subire , c. acc ., Od.; uJp. uJpo; th;n zeuvglhn Hdt .:—so, uJp. uJpo; tw`n keramivdwn to creep under, Ar .; fevrei tina; uJpodedukovta underneath it, id.

2. to put ones feet under a shoe, to put it on, Id.
3. metaph. to put on a character (because the actors face was put under a mask), Plat. , Arist.
4. c. gen. to come from under, come forth from, Od.
III. to go under so as to bear, to bear on ones shoulders, Il.
2. to enter into war, Hdt.
3. metaph. to undergo danger, c. acc ., Xen. ; uJp. aijtivan to make oneself subject to. . , Dem.
4. c. inf. to undertake to do, Hdt.
5. of feelings, to steal over one, c. acc ., Aesch. :— c. dat ., pa`sin uJpevdu govo" sorrow stole upon all, Od.

6. absol. to slip or slink away, Dem.
7. absol ., ojfqalmoi; uJpodedukovte" sunken eyes, Luc.


uJpo-eivkw , v. uJp-eivkw .


uJpo-zavkoro" , oJ , or hJ , an under-priest or priestess, Hdt.


uJpo-zeuvgnu<Eth>mi and -uvw : f. -zeuvxw :— Pass. , aor. 2 uJpezuvghn »uØ1/4 : pf. -evzeugmai :— to yoke under, put under the yoke, uJp. i{ppou" hJmiovnou" Od.:— Pass. to be yoked under, submit to, ajnavgkai" Aesch. ; povnw/ Soph.

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