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uJpo-zuvgion »uØ1/4, tov , ( zugovn ) a beast for the yoke, a beast of burden, Lat. jumentum , Theogn ., Hdt. , etc.


uJpovzwma , ato", tov , the diaphragm, midriff, Arist.

II. in pl. braces passed under the hull of a vessel, so as to undergird her ( cf. uJpozwvnnumi II ), Plat.


uJpo-zwvnnu<Eth>mi and -uvw , f. -zwvsw :— Pass. , pf. uJp-evzwsmai :— to undergird, Plut .: —Pass ., zeira;" uJpezwsmevnoi girt with zeiraiv , Hdt.

II. to undergird or frap a ship ( v. uJpovzwma II ), Polyb. , N.T.


uJpovzwsma , ato", tov , less Att. form for uJpovzwma ( II ), Plut.


uJpo-qavlpw , f. yw , to heat inwardly, Aesch .: —Pass. to glow under a thing, c. dat ., Anth.


uJpo-qeiv" , aor. 2 part. of uJpo-qevw .


uJpo-qermaivnw : Pass. , aor. I uJp-eqermavnqhn :— to heat a little: Pass. to grow somewhat hot, be heated, Il.


uJpov-qermo" , on , somewhat hot or passionate, Hdt.


uJpo-qevsqai , aor. 2 med. inf. of uJpo-tivqhmi .


uJpovqesi" , ew", hJ , ( uJpotivqhmi ) that which is placed under, a foundation, hypothesis, supposition, Lat. assumptio , Plat.

2. the subject under discussion, the question, Xen ., Dem. , etc.
II. that which is laid down as a rule of action, a principle, Dem .: generally, a purpose, plan, design, Plat.

III. a cause, pretext, Plut.


uJpoqetevon , verb. Adj. one must assume, Arist.


uJpo-qevw , f. -qeuvsomai , to run in under, make a secret attack, Pind.

2. to run in before, to supplant, Ar.
II. of dogs, to run in too hastily, Xen.

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