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uJpologistevon , verb. Adj. one must take into account, Plat.


uJpov-logo" , on , held accountable or liable, Dem .; uJpovlogon poiei`sqai to hold responsible, Plat .; oujdevn soi uJpovlogon tivqemai I put down nothing to your account, Id.


uJpov-logo" , oJ , a taking into account, a reckoning, account, uJpovlogon poiei`sqaiv tino" , Lat. rationem habere rei , Dem .; ejn uJpolovgw/ poiei`sqaiv ti Lys.


uJpov-loipo" , on , left behind, staying behind, Hdt .; oiJ uJp . those who remained alive, Id.

2. of things, uJp. to; bavraqron givgnetai the pit still remains, Ar .; o{sa h\n uJp . all that remained to be done, Thuc.


uJpo-lovca<Eth>go" , oJ , an under -locagov" , a lieutenant, Xen.


uJpo-luvrio" »uØ1/4, on , ( luvra ) under the lyre; dovnax uJp . a reed to which the lower ends of the strings were attached, Ar.


uJpo-luvw , f. sw »u<Eth>1/4 : aor. I uJp-evlu<Eth>sa : pf. uJpo-levluØka :— Pass. , pf. -levluØmai : 3 pl. Ep. aor. 2 uJp-evlunto :— to loosen beneath or below, uJpevluse gui`a made his limbs give way under him, Il.:— Pass. , gui`a uJpevlunto Ib.

II. to loose from under the yoke, Hom. , Thuc. :— to loose from bonds, Od.; in Med. , to;n uJpeluvsao desmw`n thou didst free him from bonds by stealth, Il.

2. to untie a persons sandals from under his feet, take off his shoes, Aesch. , Ar. :— Med. to take off ones sandals or shoes, or to have them taken off, Ar.
b. c. acc. pers. to unshoe him, take off his shoes, Plat.


uJpovmazoi , oiJ , the parts under the breast, Bion.


uJpov-makro" , on , somewhat long, longish, Ar.


uJpo-ma±la±kivzomai , Pass. to grow cowardly by degrees, Xen.


uJpov-margo" , on , somewhat mad, in Comp. uJpomargovtero" , Hdt.


uJpo-mavssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to smear or rub underneath, Theocr.

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