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u{p-ombro" , on , mixed with rain, qevro" uJp . a rainy summer, Plut.


uJpo-meidiavw , to smile a little or gently, Anacreont.


uJpo-mei`nai , aor. I inf. of uJpo-mevnw .


uJpo-meivwn , on , gen. ono" , somewhat less: uJpomeivone" , subordinate citizens, opp. to o{moioi , Xen.


uJpo-mevmfomai , Dep. to blame a little or secretly, Plut.


uJpo-memyivmoiro" , on , somewhat discontented with his lot, Cic.


uJpomenetevon , verb. Adj. of uJpomevnw , one must sustain, abide, endure, Thuc ., etc.


uJpomenetikov" , hv, ovn , patient of, tw`n deinw`n Arist.


uJpo-mevnw , f. -menw` : aor. I uJp-evmeina :— to stay behind, survive, Od., Hdt. , Att.

II. trans .,
1. c. acc. pers. to await another, to await his attack, bide the onset, Il., Hdt. ; uJp. ta;" Seirh`na" to abide their presence, Xen.

2. c. acc. rei, to be patient under, abide patiently, submit to, Hdt ., Thuc. , etc. ; uJp. th;n krivsin to await ones trial, Aeschin. : to wait for, th;n eJorthvn Thuc.

3. absol. to stand ones ground, stand firm, Il., Hdt. , etc. ; uJpomevnwn karterei`n to endure patiently, Plat.

4. c. inf. to submit or dare to do a thing, wait to do, persist in doing, like Lat. sustinere , Od., Xen.
5. so with part. relating to the subject, eij uJpomenevousi cei`ra" ajntaeirovmenoi if they shall dare to lift their hands, Hdt. ; uJpomevnei wjfelouvmeno" he submits to be helped, Plat. :—with part. relating to the object, uJp. Xevrxea ejpiovnta to await his attack, Hdt. , etc.


uJpo-mivgnu<Eth>mi , f. -mivxw , to add by mixing, Lat. admisceo , tiv tini Plat.

II. intr. to run close under a place, c. dat ., Thuc.

uJpomimnhvskw, uJpomimnhv/skw

uJpo-mimnhvskw , f. -mnhvsw : aor. I uJp-evmnhvsa :

I. Act .,
1. to remind one of a person or thing, tinav tino" Od., Thuc. ; uJp. tinav ti Thuc ., Xen. : uJp. tinav

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