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to put him in mind, Plat.

2. c. acc. rei, to bring back to ones mind, mention, suggest, ti Hdt ., Soph. , etc. ; tiniv ti Aesch.
3. c. gen. rei, to remind one of, to make mention of, Thuc ., etc.
II. Pass. or Med. to call to mind, remember, Xen.
2. to make mention, periv tino" Aesch.


uJpov-misqo" , on , serving for pay, hired, Luc.


uJpomnavomai »a<Eth>1/4 , Dep. to court clandestinely, uJpemnavasqe ( Ep. 2 pl. impf .) gunai`ka Od.


uJpov-mnhma , ato", tov , a remembrance, memorial, Thuc ., etc.

2. a note, memorandum, Dem .:—in pl. memoranda, notes, minutes, Lat. commentarii , Plat.


uJpovmnhsi" , ew", hJ , a reminding, Thuc ., etc.

2. a mentioning, uJp. poiei`sqaiv tino" to make mention of a thing, Id.; uJp. kakw`n a tale of woe, Eur.


uJpo-mnhsteuvomai , Med. to betroth, Arist .: —Pass ., uJpomnhsteuqeiv" one betrothed, Id.


uJp-ovmnumai , f. -omou`mai : Med. :— to make oath that a person cannot appear in court: to apply for a postponement of the trial, Dem .: —Pass ., uJpomosqevnto" touvtou this affidavit being put in by way of excuse, Id.

2. to bar proceedings by an affidavit in a grafh; paranovmwn , Xen.


uJpomonhv , hJ , ( uJpomevnw ) a remaining behind, Arist.

II. a holding out, patient endurance, Id.:— the enduring to do, aijscrw`n e[rgwn Theophr.


uJpov-mwro" , on , rather stupid or silly, Luc.


uJpo-naivw , to dwell under a place, c. acc ., Anth.


uJponevmomai , Med. to eat away beneath or secretly, Anth.


uJpo-nevfelo" , on , ( nefevlh ) under the clouds, Luc.


uJpo-nhvio" , on , under the promontory Neïum, lying at its base, Od.

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