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uJpo-pivmprhmi , f. -prhvsw : aor. I -evprhsa :— to set on fire below, th;n u{lhn Hdt.

2. to burn as on a funeral-pyre, tinav" Id.


uJpo-pivnw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. -pivomai : aor. 2 uJp-evpinon : pf. uJpopevpwka :— to drink a little, drink moderately, Plat.

2. to drink slowly, go on drinking, Ar ., Xen.
3. uJpo-pepwkwv" rather tipsy, Ar ., Xen.


uJpo-pivptw , f. -pesou`mai : aor. 2 uJp-evpeson : pf. uJpopevptwka :— to fall under or down, to sink in, Plut.

2. to fall down before any one, c. acc ., Plat. :—hence, to be subject to him, fall under his power, Isocr. ; of a flatterer, to cringe to, tiniv Dem .; c. acc. uJpopesw;n to;n despovthn Ar.

3. to fall behind another, Dem.
II. to get in under or among, Thuc.
III. of accidents, to happen, fall out, Isocr.
2. of persons, to fall under a punishment, c. dat ., Plut.
IV. of places, to lie under or below, c. dat ., Polyb.


uJpo-plavkio" »a±1/4, a, on , under mount Placus, in the Troad, Il.


uJpov-pleo" , on , Att. -plevw" , wn , pretty full, c. gen. , deivmatov" eijmi uJp . am somewhat afraid, Hdt.


uJpo-plevw , f. -pleuvsomai , to sail under, uJp. th;n Kuvpron , i.e. under the lee of Cyprus, N.T.


uJpoplwvw , Ion. for uJpoplevw , Anth.


uJpo-pnevw , f. -pneuvsw , to blow gently, N.T.


uJpo-povdion , tov , ( pouv" ) a footstool, Luc.


uJpopoievw , to put under: Med. to subject to oneself, Luc.

2. to produce gradually, Plut.
3. in Med. to gain by underhand tricks, to win over, tinav Dem.
II. in Med. to assume, affect, Plut.


uJpo-povlio" , on , somewhat gray, Luc.

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