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uJpo-poreuvomai , Dep. to go beneath the ground, Plut.


uJpov-porti" , io", hJ , with a calf under her, of a cow:— metaph. of a woman, Hes.


uJpo-priva±mai , Dep. to buy under the price, Theophr.


uJpo-privw »i<Eth>1/4 , to gnash the teeth secretly, Luc.


uJpov-ptero" , on , ( pterovn ) winged, Hdt ., Soph. , etc. ; of a ship, Pind.

2. metaph. swift-flying, soaring, Id.; uJp. frontiv" flighty, giddy thought, Aesch.


uJp-opteuvw , f. sw , to be suspicious, Xen .; also, uJp. ei[" tina to have suspicions of him, Thuc.

2. to suspect, guess, suppose, Xen.
II. trans. to suspect, hold in suspicion, Soph ., Thuc. ; uJp. tina; ei[" ti of something, Hdt. , etc. :— Pass. to be suspected, mistrusted, Thuc .; impers. , wJ" uJpwpteuveto as was generally suspected, Xen.

2. c. acc. pers. et inf. to suspect that, Hdt ., Thuc. , etc.
3. c. acc. rei, to look suspiciously on, Thuc .:—but also, uJp. ti to suspect something, Eur. , Xen. From uJpovpth"


uJpovpth" , ou, oJ , ( uJpovyomai ) suspicious, jealous, Soph ., Thuc. : of a horse, shy, Xen.


uJpo-pthvssw , f. xw , to crouch or cower beneath, like hares or birds, petavloi" uJpopepthw`te" ( Ep. part. pf. for uJpopepthkovte" ), Il.; uJpopthvxa" tavfw/ Eur.

II. metaph. to crouch before another, bow down to, tiniv Xen .; also, uJp. tinav Aesch ., Xen. :— absol. to be modest or shy, Xen.


u{popto" , on , ( uJpovyomai ) looked at from beneath the brows, i.e. viewed with suspicion or jealousy, Lat. suspectus , Aesch ., Thuc. ; c. inf ., uJp. aujtoi`" mh; pevmyai suspected by them of not having sent, Thuc.

2. of things, tavdÆ h|n u{popta Eur .; u{popton kaqesthvkei it was a matter of jealousy, Thuc.
3. Adv ., uJpovptw" diakei`sqai or e[cein to lie under suspicion, Id., Xen.
II. act. suspecting, suspicious of a thing, c. gen ., Eur. :— to; u{popton suspicion, jealousy, Thuc .; tw`/ uJp. mou from suspicion of me, Id.:— Adv. with suspicion, Id.; uJp. e[cein prov" tina Dem.


uJpo-ptuØciv" , ivdo", hJ , ( ptuchv ) a joint, tou` qwvrako" Plut.


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