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uJpo-puqmivdio" , a, on , ( puqmhvn ) under the bottom, Anth.


uJpov-pwlo" , on , with a foal under her, Strab.


uJpo-ri<Eth>pivzw , to fan from below or gently, Anth.


uJp-ovrnu<Eth>mi , f. -ovrsw : aor. I -w`rsa :— to rouse secretly or gradually, Hom .; toi`on ga;r uJpwvrore Mou`sa such was the Muses power to move, Od.:— Pass. to rise secretly or gradually, Ib.


uJp-ovrofo" , on , ( o[rofo" , a reed), uJp. boav the soft note of the pipe, Eur.


uJpor-ravptw , f. yw , to stitch underneath: metaph ., uJp. lovgon to make up a story, Eur.


uJpor-revw , f. -ruhvsomai , to flow under or beneath, Plut.

2. to flow gradually away, Id.: metaph. to stream gradually to a place, Luc.
II. metaph. also, to slip or glide into unperceived, Lat. subrepere , Plat ., Dem.
2. to slip away, of time, Ar. ; of flowers, to perish, Theocr .; of the hair, to fall off, Luc .; and of friends, Id.


uJpor-rhvgnu<Eth>mi or -uvw , to make to burst downwards: Pass. , oujranovqen uJperravgh ( aor. 2) aijqhvr ether was cleft from beneath the sky, Il.


uJpovr-rhno" , on , ( rJhvn, ajrhvn ) with a lamb under it, Il.


uJpor-ri<Eth>pivzw , f. sw , to fan from below or gently, Anth.


uJpor-rivptw , f. yw , to throw under, uJp. tina; toi`" qhrivoi" to throw him to the wild beasts, Plut.


uJp-oruvssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to dig under, undermine, Hdt.


uJp-orcevomai , f. hvsomai , Dep. to dance with or to music, Aesch .: —c. acc. cogn ., o[rchsin uJp . Plut.

II. to sing and dance a character, of a pantomimic actor, Luc. Hence uJpovrchma


uJpovrchma , ato", tov , a hyporcheme or choral hymn to Apollo, mostly in Cretic verses, Plat.

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