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under, to pour out; of dry things, to strew or spread under, Hom .: Pass. , fuvlla uJpokecumevna uJpo; toi`" posiv leaves scattered under the feet, Hdt. :— metaph. , ajpistivh uJpekevcuto aujtw`/ distrust was poured secretly into him, i.e. stole over him, Id.


uJpo-cqovnio" , ivh, on , ( cqwvn ) under the earth, subterranean, Hes ., Eur.


uJpov-cqwn , ono", oJ, hJ , = foreg., Anth.


uJp-oclevomai , Pass. to be rolled beneath, Il.


uJpo-corhgevw , f. hvsw , to supply, Strab. Hence uJpocorhgiva


uJpocorhgiva , hJ , a supplying, succour, Strab.


u{p-oco" , on , ( uJpevcw ) subject, tini Xen .; basilh`" basilevw" u{pocoi kings subjects or officers, of the great king, Aesch.

2. = e[noco" , liable to, tino" Dem.


uJpov-crew" , wn , gen. w , ( crevo" ) indebted, in debt, Ar .; uJp. tino" his debtor, Plut.

2. of property, involved, Lat. obaeratus , Dem.
3. c. gen ., uJp. filiva" bound by ties of friendship, Plut.


uJpo-crivw »i<Eth>1/4 , to smear under or upon, tiv tini Hdt .; uJp. tiniv to paint his face under the eyes, Xen. :— Med. , uJpocrivesqai tou;" ojfqalmouv" to paint ones own eyes underneath, Id.


uJpov-cru<Eth>so" , on , containing a mixture or proportion of gold: metaph. of persons, Plat.


uJpo-cwrevw , f. hvsomai , to go back, retire, recoil, Il., Thuc. ; often in part. , uJpocwrhvsa" feuvgei Dem.

2. c. gen. to retire from a place, Hdt. , Xen. ; uJp. tini; tou` qrovnou to withdraw from ones seat in honour of another, give it up to him, Ar. ; and, uJp. tini to give way to another, Thuc.

3. c. acc. to avoid, shun, Id., Plat.
II. to go on in succession, Pind.


uJpocwvrhma , ato", tov , a downward evacuation, Theophr.


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