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uJpocwvrhsi" , ew", hJ , a going back, retirement, retreat, Polyb.

2. a retiring-place, retreat, Luc.


uJpov-yammo" , on , having sand under, gh` uJpoyammotevrh somewhat sandy, Hdt.


uJpov-ya<Eth>ro" , on , somewhat dappled, i{ppo" Strab.


uJp-oyiva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( uJpovyomai ) suspicion, jealousy, uJpoyivhn e[cein e[" tina Hdt ., Att. ; prov" tina Dem .; ejn uJp. poiei`sqai Aeschin.

2. of the object, e[cein uJp . to admit of suspicion, Plat .; uJp. parevcein Thuc.


uJp-ovyio" , on , ( uJpovyomai ) viewed from beneath the brows; uJpovyio" a[llwn viewed with suspicion among others, Il.


uJp-oywnevw , f. hvsw , to underbid in the purchase of victuals or to buy up underhand, Ar.


uJptiavzw , f. avsw , ( u{ptio" ) to bend oneself back, to carry ones head high, Aeschin .: —Pass ., kavra uJptiavzetai his head lies supine, Soph. Hence uJptivasma


uJptivasma , ato", tov , that which is laid back, uJptiavsmata cerw`n supplication with hands upstretched, Lat. supinis manibus , Aesch .; uJptivasma keimevnou patrov" his fathers body as it lies supine, Id.; and uJptiasmov"


uJptiasmov" , oJ , a laying oneself backwards, Luc.


uJptiastevon , verb. Adj. of uJptiavzw , one must throw back, eJautovn Xen.


uJptiovomai , Pass. to be upset, Aesch.


u{ptio" , a, on , (from uJpov , as Lat. supinus from sub): laid back, laid on ones back, pevsen u{ptio" he fell backwards, opp. to prhnhv" , Il.; of a quadruped, ojrqou` eJstew`to" kai; uJptivou rearing upright and falling backwards, Hdt.

II. generally with the under side uppermost, ceivr uJptiva the hollow of the hand, Plut. ; ejx uJptivou kravnou" from the upturned helmet, with the hollow uppermost, Aesch .; so, paravqe" uJptivan ( th;n ajspivda ) Ar. ; ajyi;" uJptiva a half-wheel with the concave side uppermost, Hdt .; uJptivoi" sevlmasin nautivlletai he sails with the bottom uppermost, i.e. suffers shipwreck, Soph. ; ejx uJptiva" nei`n to swim on the back (in metaph. sense), Plat.

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