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III. of land, sloping evenly, of Egypt, Hdt. Hence uJpwqevw


uJp-wqevw , f. -wvsw , to push or thrust away, Il.


uJp-wlevnio" , on , and a, on , under the elbow, Theocr.


uJpwmosiva , hJ , an oath taken to delay proceedings ( v. uJpovmnumi II ), an application for postponement of a trial, Dem.

2. an oath taken by the prosecutor in a grafh; paranovmwn ( v. paravnomo" 2), with the effect of suspending the proposed decree, Id.


uJpwpiavzw , f. avsw , to strike one under the eye: Pass. to have a black eye, uJpwpiasmevno" Ar.

II. metaph. to bruise, mortify, N.T .: also, to annoy greatly, wear out, Ib. From uJpwvpion


uJp-wvpion , tov , ( w[y ) the part of the face under the eyes: generally the face, countenance, Il.

II. a blow in the face, a black eye, Ar.


uJpwvreia , hJ , the foot of a mountain, the skirts of a mountain range, Il., Hdt.


uJp-wvrore , 3 sing. pf. intr. of uJp-ovrnumi .


uJp-wrovfio" , on , and a, on , ( o[rofo" ) under the roof, in the house, Il., Pind. , Ar.


uJp-wvrofo" , on , = foreg., Eur. : of a swallows nest, under the eaves, Anth.


u{p-wcro" , on , pale yellow, sallow, Luc.

u[rca, [URCA

[URCA , hJ , a jar, for pickles, Ar.

u|", |US

|US , u|n , gen. uJov" »uØ1/4 , or su`" , su`n , gen. suØov", oJ and hJ : pl. , nom. u{e" ( Att. u|" ) , suve" , acc. u{a", suva" ( Att. su`" ); gen. suw`n ; dat. uJsiv, susiv , Ep. also u{essi, suvessi :— the wild swine, whether boar (hog) or sow, Hom ., etc. ; su`" a[grio" Il.; also su`" kavprio" or kavpro" , v. sub vocc.

2. the domestic pig, Hom. , etc.

u{sgh, {USGH

{USGH , hJ , a shrub from which the dye u{sginon is derived.

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