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uJsgi<Eth>no-ba±fhv" , ev" , dyed scarlet, Xen ., Luc.


u{sgi<Eth>non , tov , a dye from the shrub u{sgh , scarlet, Anth.


uJsqh`nai , aor. I pass. inf. of u{w .

uJsmivnh, JUSMI vNH

JUSMI vNH »i<Eth>1/4, hJ , a fight, battle, combat, Il.; metaplast. Ep. dat. uJsmi`ni as if from uJsmivn or uJsmiv" , Ib.


u{splhgx or u{splhx , hJ , gen. hggo" and hgo" ; Dor. u{splagx , aggo" , a rope drawn across the racecourse, let down when the runners were to start, the starting-line, Plat ., Anth.

II. the snare or gin of a bird-catcher, Theocr. (Deriv. uncertain.)

uJssov", JUSSO vS

JUSSO vS , oJ , a javelin, the Roman pilum, Polyb ., etc.


u{sswpo" , hJ , hyssop, prob. the caper-plant, N.T.


uJstavtio" »a±1/4, a, on , poët. for u{stato" , as messavtio" for mevsso" , Hom. :— neut. as Adv. at last, Il.


u{sta±to" , h, on , v. u{stero" B.


uJstevra , Ion. uJstevrh , hJ , the womb, mostly in pl. uJstevrai , Ion. gen. -ewn , Hdt. , etc. (Deriv. uncertain.)


uJsterai`o" , a, on , ( u{stero" ) on the day after, the next day ( cf. proterai`o" ); th`/ uJsteraiva/ ( Ion. -aivh/ ) hJmevra/ on the following day, next day, Lat. postridie , Hdt .; often without hJmevra/ , Id., Att. ; also, ej" th;n uJsteraivhn Hdt .; ejn th`/ uJst . Plat. :— c. gen ., th`/ uJsteraiva/th`" mavch" on the day after the battle, Id.

II. = u{stero" , later, subsequent, Hdt ., Xen.


uJsterevw , f. hvsw : pf. uJstevrhka : plqpf. uJsterhvkein :— Pass. , aor. I uJsterhvqhn : ( u{stero" ):— to be behind or later, come late, Hdt ., Att.

II. c. gen. rei, to come later than, come too late for, uJstevrhsan hJmevrh/ mivh/ th`" sugkeimevnh" came one day after the appointed day, Hdt. ; th`" Mutilhvnh" uJsterhvkei had come too late to save Mytilené, Thuc. ; uJst. th`" patrivdo" to fail to assist it, Xen.

2. c. gen. pers. to come after him, Id.; also c. dat. to come too late for him, Thuc.

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